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About Us

The Mecca of Language and Literature
Cosmos English was founded 22 years ago by Dr. Mukesh Pareek, in Jaipur. Since the time, when computers were rare and knowledge was valuable, Cosmos served its purpose to help students clear UGC NET English Literature exam to become Assistant professors. Dr. Mukesh Pareek has continued to give extraordinary results, in the field of English education and has proved to be the best because of his exemplary academic record in the field of research and education.
English Cosmos has always thrived with its students and the values we inculcate in aspirants. It has been our mission since the start to make them ‘achievers’ and ‘successful’ in the first attempt. We have induced a friendly yet professional course to teach in our classes so students can become a part of ‘creative and constructive learning’, unaffected by the age factor.

Dr Mukesh Pareek
(Director & Senior Faculty)

Dr. Mukesh Pareek

About Me

Ever since the coaching was founded, Dr. Pareek had an active and dynamic career in the academics concerning English Literature. He aspires to create powerful academia that caters to the need of intellectuals of society, and that can give shape to the prospects of literature and culture.

Attributes Of Cosmos Course

4000+ Mock Test Questions

In the timeline, of course, we provide students with more than 4000 mock test questions in the form of weekly tests, google tests, and written tests to mark their performance.

Time Saving Timetable

We make sure that our timetable for classes is not strenuous for students so that they can take the stress from their studies more.

Follow-up Classes

Cosmos believes in confirming the base strength of a candidate, so follow-up classes are taken back-to-back in a week for strengthening base skills.

Bilingual Classes

The language becomes a barrier when students are not well acquainted with it, as often happens in the case of English. Hence, we make have started taking classes in both English and Hindi medium so that student does not feel alienated from all the teaching.

Elemental Notes and Explanation

English Literature being a complex discipline, we have induced the simple notes with proper illustrations and examples that help you make a difference in the competition.

Online & Offline doubt Sessions

No need to stress over unsolved mysteries of literature because we keep our students in the loop for the two doubt sessions weekly.

Practical Sessions

We don’t make geeks here, so we prepare our students to become better professors in the future by initiating practical sessions in class or outside. Such as research paper reading, storytelling, teaching, and group drama visits to the theatre of Jaipur.

Previous Year Paper Discussion

This has become absolutely clear that most of the questions have been repeated over and over in NET exams, so we make sure that students must be aware of the ‘nature of the questions.

Interactive Sessions

Interaction is key to sustaining the relationship between teacher and students. Thus, our faculty make sure that there should be constant interaction in the class. It also confirms the attention parameter of students.

Inspiration Therapy

Aspirants are worthy of every chance they get, and we don’t want them to deprive of any such opportunities, hence, we schedule some Inspirational classes in a month to keep up the spirits of students.

We Provide Online & Offline Classes for UGC-NET/JRF in English Literature

Online Classes

The pandemic brought us to the concept of fast learning, and we adapted just right. Cosmos is more than happy to teach students online with our pre-recorded video lectures and live doubt solving sessions to make students content with their fee value.

The perks of taking an online class at Cosmos English:
1. Subjective and Discursive lectures to touch on topics in depth.
2. Very affordable
3. The timing is the least of the concern as you can see in the recorded lectures.
4. Study anywhere, where there are strong network connections.
5. Listen to the detailed lectures, by rewinding and forwarding at your speed.

Offline Classes

The offline classes have always been a better and proven method to program students’ minds in order to prepare them for a tough exam such as NET and that too in English Literature. Cosmos has been very exceptional when it comes to offline coaching because our teaching method is distinguished by the ability to capture human psychology and insulate it to an intellectual level so students could grasp more, learn more and write more.
The offline classes come with the best benefits:
1. Direct interaction with faculty.
2. No distraction while studying in a blackboard-oriented class.
3. Discussions are handy and delightful.
4. Brief and Extensive notes before every unit to cover the best of the syllabus.
5. A/C classrooms, Water cooler, and snacks access available.

“The Highest selection Institute of India with 100+ selections"